Photographer, Graphic Artist and Artist, Patrick Robinson, was born on July 16th, 1980 on the beautiful tropical Island known as Nassau, in the sunny isles of the Bahamas.

He has always had an eye for Art and it showed from a very young age.  Using the walls of his childhood home as his canvas for creativity, he soon found the labors of his love brought him a lot of joy, but more so, pain; in the forms of a spanking.

Throughout his primary and secondary school years, Pat, as he is affectionately called, excelled in Art, holding an A/B average in that particular subject for the 12 years of his school life. If one was to look through his school notebooks, especially mathematics, his love for art was displayed by the many comics and page flip animations.

Upon graduation, Pat was not as fortunate as many others to attend an Art College, so he entered the work force at the age of 16. He got his first job at a bank and over time started to lose his passion for Art.

During his time in the banking industry, he had an opportunity to go into music. This allowed him to use his talents in singing, rapping and writing. He  pursued a music career for a few years, even to the point that he and a few friends had ventured to America in pursuit of "the dream," but that proved fruitless. 

Coming back to the Bahamas and starting from scratch, Pat searched again for his first love; Art. He was given a job at a local business as the Frame Art manager. During his time there, he had the opportunity to meet and work with many interior designers, artists, and local photographers like Harl Taylor, Peter Nygard, Eddie Minnis, Chan Pratt, Brent Malone, Jackson and Stan Burnside and John Cox. Just to name a few.

With the constant exposure to arts, crafts, designs and photography, Pat soon found himself so immersed that he started to develop interests in more areas than one. He started to search for online tutorials in Photography and Graphic Design and the rest is history.

Self taught in Photography and Graphics, Pat has approximately 10 years experience in both fields. He also has experience in printing and sign making. His specialties include Weddings, Events, Real Estate, Family, Portraits, Commercial and Product Photography. Other services include Graphic Design and Printing.