At patrickROBINSON Photography & Designs, we don't just sell pictures! We sell memories! We sell an experience. The focus of patrickROBINSON Photography & Designs is FAMILY! (Family being weddings, children, babies…anything in those types of categories would be considered family.) In a world where the family structure is being attacked daily, it is one of the efforts of Bahamian Photographer Patrick Robinson to make sure that family is kept at the forefront of society. 


Our daily lives are flooded with images of sex, fashion, technology, and many forms of negativity and promotion of immoral lifestyle., but the image of the family is slowly fading into the background. Many families are now being separated because of the demand of society. Parents are working 2 jobs just to make ends meet, leaving their children to basically face the world alone. Dinner time at the dinner table is basically extinct in today's society. Father's are absent from the lives of their children because they are too busy. Mother's are absent from the lives of their children because they too are too busy and too tired to give their children the time they deserve. Spouses don't know each other, because they have allowed the stresses of life to consume their entire being and so love is thrown out of the window. And children….well…they're just there….Hoping. Hoping that one day, they can experience what a true family is supposed to be.


When you go on a family photo shoot with patrickROBINSON Photography & Designs, this is the time to let down your guards and just have fun. Don't think of us as, "the photographers," but think of us as part of the family also. This is the time to embrace your family and love them and just forget about the camera. Allow us to capture these memories, to remind you of how your family is supposed to be! 




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