By Patrick T. Robinson II


So, you've booked a shoot with yours truly "patrickROBINSON Photography & Designs" in Nassau, Bahamas and you may be wondering; HMMM! What should I wear? In most instances, women have it together when they are getting ready for a photo shoot BUT when it comes to a lot of men, they have not one clue as to what they should wear on a photo shoot ESPECIALLY if it's a shoot with their significant other and/or family.

So ladies, PLEASE, Help your man!

Many of the shoots that I capture, happen on the beach or in garden type settings so be sure that what you wear compliments the place where you will be photographed.

For the beach, think of whites, blues, turquoise, greens and light browns/tans, if you are being photographed during the day. If it will be a sunrise or sunset shoot then you can maybe add oranges, reds, yellows etc. in that color range, along with whites and light browns/tans, to compliment the colors in the sky. Make sure the wardrobe is along the lines of linen, silky, soft type stuff. Shorts and blue jeans are acceptable as well.

Shoes? What shoes? We're on the beach for crying out loud! Feel the sand in your toes! Enjoy the feeling of the water on your feet. And for those of you who think you have ugly crusty feet...I have a solution...put them under the sand :) ;P.

Speaking about water...be sure to bring towels.

Every opportunity that I can get to get wet, I take it...so just be prepared. And trust me, this makes for very interesting photos; so ladies, don't break the bank getting your "Hur Did!" (I can't wait to get a waterproof casing for my camera! ;)

Bring an extra change of clothes in the event you do end up getting fully wet. It's not all the time that I get you to get in the water, but scout motto is to always be prepared.

Ladies, if you need your makeup done, and don't know any good makeup artists (MUA), I have a few on speed dial that are great and charge in the price range of 30 - 45 bucks, and use only the best products and you still look real and not like a cartoon after you are done. (They are real professionals. :) If you come with your face already made up, be sure to bring along that poofy thing that you wipe your face with to take away the shine. I don't know what it's called! I'm a dude! Lol

I hope that these guidelines help you out!



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