How many images am I getting? And why is it so “expensive” for such a “little bit of pictures?” You’re shooting digital, so why can’t we get more for that price?

That is a question that many photographers hear in this digital age.

With the invention of the digital camera, and the ability to capture thousands of images onto one memory card, it’s like the selection process has been thrown ALL the way out of the picture.

Many ‘FAUX’ tographers these days offer “packages” at ridiculously low rates that includes many prints and THOUSANDS of images on disc…okay, I may have exaggerated that a bit…more like 8-900! LOL

In most instances, when you find a FAUX GUY offering stuff like this…REALLY, in most instances, they are clueless about the BUSINESS of photography.

How I think about my business and how I shoot, is based on my experiences when I worked under the old school, more seasoned photographers, who shot on film.
When I started in photography, this is when digital was just being introduced and film was slowly phasing out. SO, I decided to move with the times and go digital.

NOW as many of us know, back in the day (my day), film came in rolls of 12, 24, and 36 exposures, with different ISOs for shooting outdoors or indoors. I’m not an expert at film photography, but this is what I remembered.

When shooting on film, photographers didn’t have the assist of a screen to SHOW them WHAT they had taken. They had to PAY, to wait for DAYS in hopes that they captured an image worthy of presenting to their clients.

In this day and time, you go to an event and watch the average FAUX GUY. Every single image they take, they more than likely will look at the screen. Once your settings are correct in camera, there is really no need to keep looking at the screen. 

OK so I said all of that to say this! It is really not necessary, as a client, to get hundreds to thousands of images from one shoot. It’s pointless. Why? I CAN GUARANTEE ANYBODY, that if you receive a disc with hundreds of images, you will find many, duplicate images, blurred/out of focus images, over and underexposed images, images where eyes are closed, mouths are moving, or people may be just awkwardly positioned. And when you really eliminate those images, you will end up with a handful of decent images.

When I shoot, I shoot with the mindset that I am shooting on rolls of 24 exposure film. I try to average a count of no more than 50 frames per hour (and that’s still plenty). 

The point of photography is not to click away and give the client hundreds of images on discs, where they MAY find 2 or 3 that stand out…but the point is; to compose a series of shots for the client that will BLOW THEM AWAY! 

So when I tell a client that they will get 5 edited images, they know that they are going to get something that they love.

To be honest, how many people really look through hundreds of images in one sitting? NONE! When we visit websites, how many pictures do we look through before we go on to the next page or site? MAYBE 10 MAX! And another thing, when people receive images on disc, how often are those discs misplaced, scratched up, and never looked at again? In most cases…VERY OFTEN! 

Photography is not meant to be filed away on disc, BUT it is meant to be PRINTED, FRAMED and DISPLAYED on walls for ALL to see. Photography is not something that you pay pocket change for, but it is an INVESTMENT, because it captures and documents time in a way that no other medium can.